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Thanksgiving Etiquette

A family gathered around the table for Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, and it’s a great chance to spend the day with the people you care about. The food at Thanksgiving dinner is always great, but it can be difficult to know how exactly you are supposed to behave at a Thanksgiving meal, especially if you are a guest. Get through the meal without a hitch by reading today’s Madison New Britain Blog featuring five etiquette tips. We hope they help you through your Thanksgiving meal happy and relatively unscathed.

Bring something.

Whether you’re bringing a gift or a side dish, it’s always nice to bring something to the host’s home. Ask your host ahead of time what would be most helpful for you to bring. Plan for a side dish or a dessert if they don’t have specific requests. Try to also bring a gift that is both personal and thoughtful for something extra.

Arrive on time.

No one wants to wait for dinner, especially on Thanksgiving! Make sure you arrive when the host asks you to, with your dishes at the appropriate temperature. Don’t expect the host to hold dinner for you if you’re late! If you know that there’s going to be traffic, make sure you leave your Madison New Britain apartment with plenty of time to spare.

Taste-test before seasoning.

Make sure that you taste your food before you season it. There’s nothing worse than an over-seasoned meal, especially with a variety of flavors already on the plate. You won’t know how much salt or pepper you need on your meal until you try it, so let others have just the right amount of flavor to them by avoiding going overboard.

Compliment the host.

The host has worked incredibly hard on the meal. Make sure that you remember to compliment the meal, the host’s home, and the desserts before the evening is up. Thank the host for opening up their home to you, as well. It is Thanksgiving, after all!

Try a little bit of everything.

If you are unsure of something on the table (and if you’re not restricted by allergies), but the host insists that you try it, give it a taste. This is probably a dish that the host is particularly proud of. There’s no harm in taking a little taste of something — even if you think you won’t like it.

Do you have any Thanksgiving etiquette tips for us? Leave them in the comments. Thanks for reading!