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Super Bowl Games

hand spelling out the word

Sure, the big game is taking up all the hype and attention the first Sunday in February. But what about the moments in between? Throw your own Super Bowl watch party next month in your Madison New Britain apartment. Keep things lively with your friends by playing a game or two when the excitement dips.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

We all know watching the commercials during the Super Bowl is half the fun of the entire day. This idea from Play Party Plan is a way to make watching the commercials even more fun by adding a dose of friendly competition to them! Print out these pre-made Super Bowl bingo cards and see who can get BINGO or a blackout the fastest!

Football Charades

Before or after the game, have a few laughs with a football-themed game of charades. All the words that will be acted out are related to football in one way or another. Get ready for a lot of bad acting and good fun with a classic game to keep you in the spirit of the big day.

Rate the Commercials

You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy the Super Bowl. In fact, one of the greatest things about the entire night is the collection of hilarious, wacky, inspiring, and memorable commercials. As you’re looking for things for your BINGO card, don’t forget to actually enjoy them. Make your own scoring cards to rate them, or print out these free-scoring cards from Studio DIY! for an easy way to share your opinion and engage with your friends about theirs.

What are your favorite ways to watch the Super Bowl? Who are you cheering for? Leave a comment so the rest of our Chalfont, PA apartment community can help cheer you and your team on. Enjoy!