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Recipes for a Better Breakfast

a stack of banana and walnut pancakes

September is a great month for establishing healthy new habits. Not only is the charm of fall coming in full swing here in Chalfont, PA, but it’s also National Honey Month (as we covered in our previous blog post) and National Breakfast Month! And don’t forget Better Breakfast Day on the 26th! Today the Madison New Britain Blog has plenty of recipes to help you celebrate, in or out of your apartment.

Fried Honey Bananas from Rachel Schultz

Frying bananas is a creative idea, especially if you have a few ripe ones you’re not sure what to do with and you don’t have the time to make something more involved, like banana bread. So slice them up and plop them in the frying pan for a quick breakfast or addition to another meal. Eat them on pancakes or toast, with yogurt, or alone. Trust us. You won’t be disappointed with the warm, sizzling, flavorful result.

Healthy Breakfast Egg Muffins from Just a Taste

Make meal prep easier by whipping up this recipe. Not only can you make your breakfast in bulk, but you can pop each muffin in a sandwich bag to store for later. Then you can easily grab it, warm it up in the microwave, and enjoy on your way out the door. With eggs, nonfat milk, fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, diced onions, avocado, salsa, and crumbled cheese, these are packed with flavor and nutrients that will make it a meal you’ll be excited to eat.

Maple French Toast Overnight Oats from Fit Foodie Finds

Fuse all of your favorite flavors in French toast into your oatmeal with this easy recipe. Here’s what you’ll need to make it: rolled oats, mashed banana, cinnamon, vanilla extract, pure maple syrup, flaxseed meal, and unsweetened milk.

What are your favorite ways to spice up your breakfast with something healthy, filling, and tasty? Share your best tips or recipes with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!