Fun Roadtrip Games To Play In The Car

Madison New Britain Blog, Chalfont, PA  Fun interactive games to play when you are stuck in the car traveling make for great road trip memories. Try these suggestions on your next road trip!


Road trips are great opportunities to create fun memories with your family or friends, but it can be easy to get restless or bored when you are stuck in a car for several hours. Today you’re in luck! The Madison New Britain Blog is offering a few game ideas for the car that will keep your mind sharp and occupied from Chalfont, PA to anywhere else in the country.


Team Storytelling

From How Stuff Works: “Get the creative juices flowing among your fellow road trippers by composing a group story. One person in the car starts by creating the first line of the story. You can start with a simple ‘Once upon a time, there lived a princess’ or come up with something more unconventional like, ‘Joey the frog always had blue spots.’ Next, each person in the car adds a line, and the story builds and builds. Depending on your group's storytelling stamina, you could go on for a few minutes or a few hours.


“To make the game more challenging and fun, make a rule that all of the lines rhyme or, instead of going in a circle, call on people to come up with a line. After you've reached your destination, your kids could write and illustrate the story as a token of their road trip adventure.”


The Alphabet Game

This one works great if there are lots of road signs and billboards on your route, or you are driving through lots of populated towns and cities. There are several versions of this game and the rules can be tweaked as necessary.


Each person or each team (if you are playing on teams) looks for words on the road signs that have every letter of the alphabet. However, they must start at the beginning of the alphabet and continue in alphabetical order (or you could play backwards starting with ‘z’ to switch things up). The first one to get through the entire alphabet wins. The same word on the same sign cannot be used by more than one player or team, so speed and great eyesight are advantages.


The Cow Game

This game is perfect if you happen to be driving through rural places with lots of cattle. However, it involves counting and adding, so a calculator or a pen and paper could be useful to keep score. This is a good game for two people or two teams. Each person or team selects one side of the road and counts all the cows on that side. The person or team with the most cows at the end of the trip wins. However, if you see a cemetery on your side of the road, you lose all your cows and have to start over.


Share your favorite games to play in the car with us in the comments! Thanks for reading the blog for our apartment community! We hope you have a great month here in Chalfont, PA, or anywhere else your travels may take you this summer.