Dental Health Tips for Your Pets

fluffy puppy holding a toothbrush in its mouth


Welcome back to the Madison New Britain Blog! In our previous post, we offered up a few tips for keeping your pearly whites healthy and strong. We also mentioned the importance of upkeeping your pet’s dental hygiene. Today we’re going into more depth about how you can do so in your apartment here in Chalfont, PA.


Practice regular upkeep.

February may be Dental Health Month for you and your pets, but no time is more relevant than the present to take care of your pet. If you’re new to practicing pet dental health, check out this guide for brushing your pet’s teeth or ask your veterinarian for tips for how to make it go smoothly.


Go in for a checkup.

Speaking of getting professional help, a checkup is always important to maintain not only your health but your pet’s, as well! Ask them to assess your pet’s teeth, gums, and any problems you’ve noticed. Watch how they handle your pet and take note of what works for your pet so you can try it once you’re at home and establish healthy habits.


Address warning signs of problems.

Things like bad breath may seem inconsequential for a pet, but it can actually be a warning sign of a larger problem. Take your pet to the veterinarian’s office to get your pet checked for common diseases that can cause bad breath and to fix broken teeth or other issues your pet is facing. Preventative care is always less expensive and uncomfortable for you and your pet, so do what you can as soon as possible to fix problems and help your pet feel better.


What helps you stay on top of your pet’s dental health? Share what tips, strategies, toothpaste, and techniques help you with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope you find these suggestions helpful this month and always.


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